Bloody Wonder Build v2


Another Successful Build Night

Build numbuild2_1ber two of the Bloody Wonder happened last Thursday December 1st. Club members started by laying out and constructing the wings as a group. Brian made a jig that makes the measurements easier. There was also a soldering demo tonight so everyone can see what is involved. Those that were at the first session or have a plane partially built were encouraged to come on over and pickup where they left off. Everyone had a great time.build2_8

Final costs have been calculated and each person will supply their own foam(as over a quarter of the builders have already built at least one irframe) The parts kits will be available at the build sessions and the December 8th meeting. If you have your own Rx, Just $59 gets you everything else you need to get into the air including all necessary hardware and the battery. Spektrum-compatible RX’s are only $6, and extra batteries are just $12 more (you’ll want one!)


If you missed the first two don’t fret. There will be at least two more Bloody Wonder builds coming up soon.